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By Modern Dental Group
May 19, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures

What Does It Mean to Be a Family Dentist? 

Dentistry is one dental discipline that encompasses many ways to care for patient’s teeth and gums. Dentists can choose a dental specialty, such as public health or oral and maxillofacial surgery. But there’s another option that interests the dentists and staff at Modern Dental Group very much: Family dentistry. Family Dentistry
Family dentistry is a discipline that involves caring for your entire family’s teeth. Not limited to adults, children or seniors, those who choose to practice family dentistry do it all. And they most commonly do that because they enjoy caring for entire families and ensuring each person’s teeth stay healthy for many years to come. 
Preventive care is the main focus of family dentistry. That means giving you and your family all the education, information, and routine dental care needed to prevent cavities and dental decay that could lead to tooth loss. Through services such as regular cleanings, X-rays, fluoride treatments and even dental sealants, Dr. David J. DeMarco, Dr. Casella and Dr. David James DeMarco offer services that can keep you from needing more invasive treatments, providing you keep up your end of the bargain with daily brushing and flossing. The idea behind family dentistry is that it is preferable and cheaper to prevent a dental problem than it is to treat one. 

When should I visit my family fentist? 

While most patients should visit one of our Erie offices every six months, some patients may need more frequent check-ups. This is true for patients with a history of significant dental decay and medical conditions that increase your risk for dental decay, such as diabetes. Our dentists can help determine the appropriate schedule for your dental visits. 
Of course, that does not mean that dental decay and damage will not occur. Time and heredity can make you increasingly vulnerable to these factors that jeopardize your dental health. As a family dentistry-focused practice, we offer treatments for cavities, gum disease and advanced dental decay. These services include everything from fillings to dental crowns to tooth extractions. 
These services are examples of benefits of choosing a family dentist: Variety of services. At Modern Dental Group, we offer preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry services. By offering all three, there are very few services you would have to seek an outside physician for. However, if your dental condition requires referral to an outside oral surgeon or other specialist, our office can refer you to the appropriate specialist. 
As family dentists, we’re proud to offer services that care for people of all age groups. We treasure the opportunity to care for young patients and help parents learn how to brush their first baby teeth to helping seniors preserve their smiles for many years.
To find out how you and your family can benefit from our Modern Dental Group services, please call our State Street office at (814) 456-0710 or W. 26th Street at (814) 836-1110.